Present and Partial List of Past Laboratory Research Group [Updated Spring 2010]

  Graduate Students  (Department, Degree Status, Research, Current Location):

Jessica Cardenas, Pathology, Spring 2008-present, thrombosis and aging
Troy McEachron, Pathology, Spring 2008-present, thrombosis and cancer
Mark Gramling, Pathology, Fall 2006-present, breast cancer cell signaling

Jennifer Carter, Pathology, Fall 2004-2009, breast cancer and adipocytes, Postdoct Vanderbilt Univ
Jill Rau, Pathology, Fall 2003-2008, M.D./Ph.D. student, thrombosis and serpin structure, Medical school, New London, CA
Lea Beaulieu, Pathology Summer 2002-2007, Breast cancer and vascular biology, Postdoct Boston Univ
 Robert Campbell, Pathology, Winter 2005, serpins and pancreatic cancer, Postdoct Utah
Christopher Scull, IBMS, Winter 2005, recombinant protein C inhibitor, Postdoct NYU
Devon Risher, Pathology, Fall 2004, Serpins and kidney cancer., Postdoct, USF
Ellen Stevens, Pharmacology, Fall 2004, Statins and ovarian cancer
Brandi Whitley, Pathology, 2000-2004, PAI's in cancer. Cato Pharmaceuticals
Jennifer Carter, Pathology, Spring 2004, serpins and cancer
Julie Støve Bødker
, from Aarhus University, Denmark (Fall semester, 2003)
Laura DiMichele, IBMS Summer 2002 rotation, APC cancer biology
Julie Ryan, Pathology Spring 2002 rotation, breast cancer and polyphenols
Lea Beaulieu, Pathology Summer 2002, Protein C and breast cancer migration
Holly Gentry, IBMS Summer 2001 rotation, thrombin S/F
Jennifer Jahn, Pathology Fall 2001 rotation, PCI expression
Jennifer Wemhoff , Pathology Ph.D., 1997-Dec. 2001, HCII S/F; Postdoct., Scripps Clinic, La Jolla, CA
Alexis Henry, IBMS to Pathology M.S., 1998-April 2001, PCI S/F and thrombosis; Diosynth, Durham, NC
Diane Palmieri, Cancer Center to Pathology Ph.D., 1996-Nov, 2000, Serpins and breast cancer, NCI-NIH Staff Scientist
¥ Susannah Bauman, Pathology/Prot. Eng., Ph.D., 1993-1999, HCII S/F & atherosclerosis, free-lance science writing
Matthew Sidovar, IBMS, Spring rotation 1997, Mutagenesis HC2, Pharmacology Graduate, M.S. , Biotech firm in NYC
Angelina Ciaccia, Pharmacology, Ph.D., 1994-1997, HC2 S/F, Science Writer, Eli Lilly, IN
Nancy Melamed, Pathology, 1994-1997, HC2 S/F, Resigned for family reasons
Laura Neese, Pathology, Ph.D., 1992-1997, PCI S/F-prostate cancer, Asst. Prof Biology, Winthrop University, SC
Rebecca Shirk, Pathology, Ph.D., 1989-1994, PCI S/F, Scientist CV/Women's Health Wyeth-Ayerst, Collegeville, PA
Laura Melton, Chemistry, Ph.D., 1988-1992, HC2, Chemistry Consultant, Durham, NC
*Herbert Whinna, Pathology, M.D./Ph.D., 1987-1992, HC2-thrombin, Assoc. Prof. Pathology, UNC-CH

  Undergraduate Students  (from 1990 to present; Degree Major, Time in Lab, Research, Location):

Julie Suyama, 2009-present, Breast Cancer Biology, Biology major, UNC-CH, Senior
Courtney Sorensen, 2008-present, Vascular Biology, Psychology major, UNC-CH,  Junior

(Time in lab, Degree, Research, Current location)
Leah Hawkins, 2006-2008, Breast cancer cell signaling, Biology/History major, UNC-CH, Harvard Medical School
Emir Sandhu, 2006-2007, Breast cancer cell signaling, Economy major, UNC-CH,  Harvard Medical School
Shawna Kelly, 2007-present, Microparticle formation in breast cancer cells, Biology major, UNC-CH,  Working in D.C.
Rachel Whinna, 2007, Model Heparin binding protein, Chemistry major, UNC-CH,  Working in RTP
Rebekah Bourland, 2006-2007, Model heparin binding protein, Chemistry major, UNC-CH, Medical School, UNC-CH
Candace Mitchell, 2006 summer, breast cancer cell migration, Biochemistry 2007, Harvard University
Melissa Cooper, 2006 summer, heparin binding serpins, Biology 2007, Campbell University
Meghan Valentine, 2005-2006, Breast cancers and serpins, Biology major, UNC-CH, Medical School, UNC-CH
Ryan Bialas, 2004-2006, Serpin structure/function, Biology major, UNC-CH, Medical School, UNC-CH
Theodore Wiesner, 2003-2005, gene array of breast cancer, Biology major
#Jessica Polka, 2003-2004, cancer biology, Sophomore, English-Biology
Elle Kielar, Summer 2004, Expression of PCI mutants, Senior Chemistry-Biochemistry, U. Wisconsin-La Crosse
Lauren Cranford, Summer 2004, Inhibition of thrombin by PAI-1, Senior Biological Sciences, NCSU
#Catherine Varner, 2000-2004, breast/Gyn cancer biology, Senior Chemistry-English (+ Creative Writing in Poetry), UNC-CH, Medical School, UNC-CH
Anne Cook, 2002-2003, thrombin, serpins and thrombosis, B.S. Biology 2003, UNC-CH, Medical School, UNC-CH
Nikki Binz, 2002-2003, PAI-3 expression in cancer, B.S. Biology 2003, UNC-CH, MS1- UNC-CH School of Medicine
Lauren Kilpatrick, 2002-2003, IHC of serpins in cancer, B.S. Biology 2003, UNC-CH, MS1- Wake Forest School of Medicine
Molly Jeter, 2000-2002, RNA aptamers and thrombin, B.S. Biochemistry UNC-CH, Dental Sch. MUSC (2002)
#Leslie Bone, 2001-2002, breast/Gyn cancer biology, Senior Biology, UNC-CH
Kristy Roper, Summer 2001, Polyphenols and cancer, Senior B.S. Biol. Sci. Lousiana State Univ., Medical School, LSU Hlth Sci Center
Anne Lachiewicz, Summer 2001, Anchored-antithrombins, B.S. Washington & Lee Univ., Med.  Sch. UNC-CH (2002)
Elizabeth George, Summer 2001, B.S. Biology, general lab duties. High School science teacher, Orange County, NC
John Adams
(2000-2001), B.S. Biology, Med. Sch. UNC-CH (2001)
#Nell Pollard, (2000-2002), B.S. Biology 2003, thrombosis, Chemistry, UNC-CH, Medical School, UNC-CH
Mary Margaret Shaffer, Summer 1999, PAI-2 and breast cancer,  B.S. Randolph-Macon College, UVA Med Sch (2000)
Anne Schaap, Biology, 1998-2000, HC2 S/F, B.S. Biol,  Honor's program, Immunology Grad. Sch. Stanford Univ. (2000)
¥ Katie Gruchalla, Summer 2000, HCII mutagenesis, B.S. Chemistry-Biology, Univ. New Mexico, Pharmacy Sch. (2002)
Sarah Rapisardo, B.S. Biology, 2000, general lab duties, High School Science teacher, Sumter, SC, Graduate School, Duke Univ.
+Jennifer Alzos, Chemistry, 1998-2000, Thrombin and PCI S/F,  B.S. Chem., Medical School Cornell Univ. (2000)
+*¥ Jennifer Bushman, Chemistry, 1998-1999, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and AT3, M.D./Ph.D.  UNC-CH (2000)
¥ Carrie Holland, Summers 1998, Thrombin Aptamer, B.S. Biol., Mt. Holyoke, MA, Med School Loyola University-Chicago (2002)
Melissa Johnson, Biology, 1997-1999, AT3 mutagenesis, Penn Medical School (2000)
§++ Erin Bialas, Biology, 1997-1999, HC2 mutagenesis, AT3-FXa S/F, UNC-CH Medical School (2000) 
¥ Julie Harris, Biology, Summer 1997, HC2, Graduate Student at Columbia
Edith Sonnenberg, Chemistry,  1996-1998, HC2 S/F, Med Sch-1 Robert Wood Johnson Medical Sch., NJ
§ Stephanie Bialas, B.S. Biology, 1995-1997,  PCI/cancer, M.D. UNC-CH
¥Tara Hooper, B.S. Biology, Summer 1995, H.S. Sci. teacher, Brooklyn, NY 
¥ Erin Cunningham , B.S. Chem./Biochem., Summer 1994, HC2, Biophysics Grad. Sch., UCSF, CA
¥ Aimée Crago, B.S. Chem./Math, Summer 1993, Thrombin, Ph.D. Cambridge, UK (1999), Harvard Medical School (1999) 
§ Tracy Jackson, B.S. Biology, 1993-1995, PCI-uPA, M.D. UNC-CH
Julia Tsang, B.S. Chemistry 1992-1995, Thrombin, M.D.,  UNC-CH
¥ Susannah Rogers (Bauman), B.S. Chem/Psych, Summer 1992, Thrombin/HC2, Ph.D. Pathology, UNC-CH 1999
Jennifer Boyd, B.S. Chem, 1991-1993, Molecular modeling APC, M.D. Med. Coll. GA, 1999

  Medical Students  (Time in lab, Research, Current location)


Joshua Davis, Summer 2006, RNA aptamer project, MS-2 UNC-CH School of Medicine
Laura Wynia, Summer 2003, PAI-1 immunohistochemistry in ovarian cancer, MS-3 UNC-CH School of Medicine
**Melissa Johnson, Summer 2003, In vivo model of thrombosis, MS-3 UNC-CH School of Medicine
 * Jill Rau , Summer 2002, HCII and atherosclerosis, MS-2 UNC-CH School of Medicine
~ Heather Pennell, Summer 2001, models of thrombosis, MS-4 UNC-CH School of Medicine
~ John Nicholls, Summer 2000, alpha-1-antitrypsin mutant, MD, UNC-CH School of Medicine
^Christine Twerdi, Summer 1999, Coagulation and Cancer, MD, UNC-CH School of Medicine
Beth Underwood, 1996-1998, PCI and endometial cancer, Intern, Internal Med., Salt Lake City, UT
£* Nancy Schafstedde, 1996-1997, PAI-2 and apoptosis, Res. Ob/Gyn, Pittsburgh, PA
~Shawn Hocker, 1997, genetic AT3 variants, Surgery Resident, Duke University, NC
§Karen Grogg, 1995, PCI immunohistochemistry, Resident, Pathology, Mayo Clinic, MN
£*Cory Dunnick, 1994-1995, PCI-ovarian cancer, Dermatol. Resident, Vanderbilt Univ., TN
~*¥ Herbert Whinna, 1987-1994 , HCII-thrombin, Asst. Prof Pathology, UNC-CH
*¥ Lisa Corbin, 1989, Neutrophil chemotaxis, Instructor Med., Univ. Colo. Health Sci. Center, Denver, CO 

  Postdoctoral Fellows  (Time in Lab, Research, Current Position)


Chantelle Rein, Ph.D, 2010-present, vascular biology and thrombosis, PhD. from Oregon Health Sciences Center

Jennifer Gibbons, Ph.D., 2005-present, breast cancer cell motility and microparticle formation, Research scientist SA Biosciences, Baltimore, MD
Yolanda Fortenberry , Ph.D., 2001-2006, thrombin S/F, serpins and thrombosis, Asst. Prof., Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD
 Sophie Rehault , Ph.D., 2002-2003, PAI-1 and PAI-3 in gynecological cancers, Research scientist, National Institute for Research in Agronomy, Nouzilly, France
Herbert Whinna
, M.D./Ph.D, 1997-2000, serpins S/F, Hem/Onc. Fellow, Assoc. Prof. Pathology, UNC-CH
Julie Oliver, Ph.D., 1998-2000, APC and hemostasis, Res. Scientist, Med College WI
Hai-feng Wu , M.D., 1993-1997, lactoferrin-inflammation, Asst. prof Pathology, Ohio St. Univ., OH
Scott Cooper , Ph.D., 1993-1995, PCI, Prof., Dept. Biol., Univ. Wisconsin-LaCrosse, WI
Jeanne Phillips , Ph.D., 1989-1993, serpins, research scientist cell biology, Novartis, Boston, MA
Lisa Musmanno , Ph.D., 1992-1993, thrombin, Sen. Res. Scientist, Miles Clayton, NC
Charlotte Pratt , Ph.D., 1987-1992, serpins-proteases S/F, Science Textbook Author, Seattle, WA
B. Gail Macik, M.D., 1987-1989, coagulation proteases, Assoc. Prof., Medicine, Univ. Virginia

  Faculty Members  (Time associated with Lab, Research)

Herbert Whinna , M.D./Ph.D, 2000-pres., serpins S/F, Assoc. Professor, Pathology and Lab. Medicine, UNC-CH
Hai-feng Wu , M.D., 1997-2001 (leave of absence, Columbia Univ), lactoferrin S/F, Assoc. Prof. Ohio State Univ.

  Technicians  (Time in Lab, Academic Degree, Current Position)


Romer Orada, 2006-2009, B.S., Biology, UNC-CH (2006), Medical School, Blacksburg, VA
Holly Mingus, 2006-2009, B.S., Biology, UNC-CH (2007), Nursing School, Murphy, NC
Amy Stuckey, Summer 2004-2006, B.S. Biology, UNC-CH (2004), Graduate School Tulane Univ.
Virginia Bond, Spring 2002-2004, B.S. Biology, Davidson College, Medical School, UNC-CH (2004)
Megan Edwards, Fall 2003-2004, B.A. Biology, UNC-CH, Res Analyst, Psychiatry, UNC Hospitals (2004)
Linda Ly, 2001-2003, B.S. Biochem-Molec. Biol., U. Calif-Berkeley, Dental School, UCSF (2003)
Lauren Holmes, 2001-2003, B.S. Biology, UNC-CH, Medical School, UNC-CH (2003)
Jill Rau
, Fall 1999-2001, Serpins Biochemistry, B.S. Duke University Psychology, MD/PhD Program, UNC-CH (2001)
Carrie Holland, Summer 2000, Thrombin Aptamer and Serpins, B.S. Biol., Mt. Holyoke, MA, Med School Loyola University-Chicago (2002)
+Jennifer Bushman, B.S. Chemistry UNC-CH, 1999, ALL-AT3, and PCI and thrombosis, MD/PhD Program UNC-CH (2000)
Sally Metcalf, 1999-2000, B.S., Biology UNC-CH, Serpins S/F, UNC-CH medical school (2000)
Kathryn Goettge, 1996-1998., B.S. Molec. Biol. Lehigh, AT3 S/F, Grad. Res. Asst. UTMB-Galveston, contract writer, NIH
Cozumel Southern, 1998, B.S. Biology UNC-CH, Res. Tech. Univ. Chicago, Med. Sch. Univ South. Illinois
Leilani Saum (Mullis), 1997-1999, B.S. Chemistry, Milliken College, IN, MD UNC-CH, Resident Duke Univ
Kelly Faulkner, 1990-1992, B.S. Biology, St. Andrews Presb. College
Joan Woods, 1989-1992, B.S. Biology, Univ. Oregon, DrPH, Schl Public Health, Univ. Illinois, 1999, AAAS fellow, D.C., US Aids, Africa
Rebecca Brown Tobin, 1987-1989, B.S. Biology, UNC-CH 1986, M.D. UNC-CH, 1993, Family Practice, Chapel Hill, NC
Rita Treanor, 1987-1989, B.S. Appalachian State, 1986, M.D. UNC-CH 1994, Family Practice, East Tenn
Herbert Whinna, 1986-1987, B.S. Chem., Ph.D. Pathology, M.D. UNC-CH, Asst. Prof Pathology, UNC-CH

¥Katie, Mary Margaret, Carrie, Julie, Tara, Erin, Aimée, and Susie were SURE (Summer Undergraduate Research Experience) students from the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Program, UNC-CH.  Aimée also received a Marshall Fellowship to attend graduate school in Cambridge, England to obtain her Ph.D.

+Jen A. (2000), Jen B. (1999) and Julia (1995) received awards for most outstanding Biochemistry-track undergraduate in the Department of Chemistry.

++Erin received the H.V.P. Wilson Award for excellence in research in Cellular and Molecular Biology for her Biology Honor's thesis presentation.

#Melissa (1995-1999), Nell (1999-2003), Catherine (2000-2004),  Leslie (2000-2004) and Jessica (2003-2007) are recipients of the Morehead Scholarship.

§Julia (1995-96), Tracy (1996-97), Stephanie (1997-98), and Erin (2000-01) won the Merit Award for most outstanding MS-1, while Karen won both the Medical Alumni Loyalty Merit Award and the Riggins Scholarship for most outstanding MS-2 in 1995-96, and the student with the highest level of achievement for both MS-1 and MS-2.

£Cory (1995) and Nancy (1996) were Distinguished Medical Scholars at UNC-CH.

*Holderness Family Medical Fellowship Recipient: Herb (1992, 1993), Cory (1995), Nancy (1997), and Jill (2002).  ** Melissa (2003) supported by short-term research for medical students (NIH).

*¥Herb (1988) and Lisa (1990) were awarded First Prize in the Oral presentation category during Student Research Day sponsored by the University of North Carolina School of Medicine.  Jennifer (2001) was awarded First Prize in the basic science poster category during Student Research Day (for her project from undergraduate-technician time-period in the lab).

^Chrissie was supported by the Cancer Education Program (CEP) in the Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (Summer, 1999).

~Heather (2002), John (2000), Shawn (1999), and Herb (1986) were supported in their research by a summer fellowship from the American Society of Hematology.